About Broderick Hackenmiller


About Broderick Hackenmiller

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Broderick Hackenmiller is just an ordinary guy with average computer and Internet skills not much different than the average Joe.

By occupation, he is a professional photographer doing family and commercial portraits.  Nothing extraordinary, just mundane type of assignments.  He surfs the Net just like a lot of guys and has a high proclivity for the web that he spends countless after-work, evening hours at it.  He likes to recount that as a result of this hobby --- and his natural male tendencies to ogle images of pretty women online --- he has developed a system that he has actually tried and tested to be effective.  

Broderick has actually had his male friends test the system and discovered that the techniques and tactics are replicatible.  Therein lies the success of his book --- the replicatiblity of the system.  He is enthused about the potential of this book and has plans to share some more of the tactics in future editions, as well as speaking as a lecturer in seminars on the subject.

Email:  nonstopweb-hackenmiller@yahoo.com

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